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Bite & Jaw Problems

What is so important about a Comfortable Bite?

Are you constantly chipping and breaking your teeth? Do you have headaches and/ or neck pain? Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw? Often we seek help from our doctor or chiropractor to treat these conditions. Your dentist can help too. These issues may be linked to your teeth.

An uneven bite is not always easy for you to notice, but left unfixed it may lead to dental, joint and skeletal problems. Fortunately, we can identify jaw issues and refer you to various practitioners and dentists who can help. We can replace missing teeth, replace poor fitting crowns, and adjust the chewing surface on your teeth in the office to give you some relief. Some issues may require massage, chiropractic adjustments, or braces to further improve your jaw health in conjunction with dental care.

Common reasons for an uneven bite:

  • Missing teeth.
  • Multiple dental procedures such as crowns and fillings that don’t quite fit.

  • Past dentistry eg. Fillings, crowns, or have had missing teeth replaced causing your bite to shift.

  • Trauma.

Issues linked with an uneven bite include:

  • Teeth worn down / broken.

  • Headaches / neck aches.

  • Stress on your TMJ joint, leading to TMJ disorder.

  • Unattractive smile.

Benefits to correcting your bite:

  • Prevents future chipping & breaking of teeth.

  • Allows for proper and comfortable chewing and speaking.

  • Eliminates or reduces TMJ Disorder symptoms.

  • An even bite helps create a beautiful smile.

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