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Dental Implants

Dental Implants from start (post) to end (crown, bridge or denture).

A dental implant is a comfortable and durable option for replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth. This alternative to a root canal is often used when a natural tooth is lost or is too far compromised to be saved. The dental implant is a post, either ceramic or a ceramic-titanium hybrid, that is placed into your jawbone to take the place of tooth roots. This implant then works to stabilize and stimulate bone growth around it.

The dental implant is a foundation on which a crown or bridge is placed. Like the foundation of a house, you want this base to be strong and sturdy. Dental implants fuse to the bone around them, creating a strong and healthy anchor to support your surface dental work. In the end, you have a secure, attractive and functional replacement for your lost tooth or teeth.

Traditionally dental implants were made of titanium, but now the use of ceramic implants offers a second more holistic alternative. An added bonus with a ceramic implant is that it can often be completed in one day. When your tooth is extracted and your implant is put in on the same day, you save both time and money.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Implants

  • Collects less plaque.

  • Preserves more gum and jawbone.

  • No unsightly grey.

  • Can replace a single tooth, several teeth, or support a full set of dentures.

  • Feels like your natural teeth.

  • Gives you back a strong bite and chewing ability.

  • Maintains the jaw bone. Your jaw loses bone when there is nothing there to stimulate it. Roots of teeth and implants, which act as an artificial root, constantly stimulate bone integrity.

  • One day implant can save you time & money.

Dr. Farahani has extensive experience with dental implants. Our clinic completes all aspects of dental implant treatment under one roof. We use both titanium and ceramic posts, and each has its benefits. We will happily discuss which dental implant is the best choice for you. Just call us at: 519-275-3600

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