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Holistic Hygiene Program

We use a special blend of essential oils in our water-scaler (piezo) unit that allow us to help restore your gum health by reducing the number of bad bacteria, which will allow your body to build up more healthy bacteria. Unhealthy oral bacteria can be present for a while before gums start to recede from gum disease. We aim to halt existing gum disease, and prevent gum recession by eliminating the cause of the issue through use of the special essential oil blend delivered under the gum line using our Piezo water scaler (this will be a gentler experience than some powder-using air scalers you may have experienced in the past.

We also teach you a home oral care routine to maximize your dental health. You are an important part of your dental team, and your hygiene routine at home is a significant part of restoring your oral health if you are currently suffering from gum disease.

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