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Silver/Mercury Fillings Replaced

Removal of Mercury ‘Silver’ amalgam fillings using strict IAOMT protocols.

Many people choose to have their mercury ‘silver’ dental fillings removed using a strict scientific protocol as per the IAOMT and replaced with either white (plastic), gold or porcelain fillings.

We are one of a handful of dental offices in Ontario who follow IAOMT protocols for safe mercury ‘silver’ filling removal.

You will see in the video below the use of a dental dam. In our office we do one better. Mercury vapour can pass through the rubber of the dental dam. Instead we use an activated charcoal rinse that coats your mouth and throat which binds to the mercury vapour. This allows you to excrete the bound mercury safely over the next 24-48 hours. We also use a special suction that completely surrounds the tooth 360 degrees to prevent any amalgam material from getting past the tooth it is being removed from. Many people find dental dams a bit claustrophobic, our method therefore also allows for a more comfortable patient experience. We also make use of a special dental mercury air filter system. The white ‘trunk’ will be placed under your chin to draw any released mercury vapours away from you. The large amounts of cold water used with the dental drill help keep the risk of vapour down.

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