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You may have complicated needs, but the rest of your family require only maintenance, or more simple procedures to maintain their dental health. Instead of having to attend different offices, you can all attend the same office! When you need only a cleaning or a simpler restorative procedure, you can all book together where possible in the schedule, saving you multiple trips.

We Are Family First!

Our philosophy is focused on providing premium dental health care for the whole family. We deliver individualized treatment designed for the individual needs of each family member regardless of their age. We also take pride in providing a professional and relaxed environment that enhances our patient’s experiences. Our charming office is located in a renovated, three-storey, century-old home at the corner of Front Street and Ontario Street in Stratford, Ontario. We service clients all over Southwestern Ontario.

What is “comprehensive adult dentistry”? 

In short, it is the opposite of ‘patch and fill’ dentistry. If you are an adult that has been through a lot of dentistry over the years, then chances are you’ve had mercury/silver fillings – which are the primary source of mercury burden to our bodies; also some of these fillings may have cracked your teeth; you may have root canals with low-grade chronic infection; gum recession; lost one or more teeth which also means you’ve lost jaw bone; and consequently your teeth may have tipped causing your bite to be mal-aligned.

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